Meet me: Raluca Constantinescu
14 July 2022

 Why did you choose to join Redbridge Recruitment?

Redbridge has a different approach towards employees and business that made me confident I can utilise my skills to be an asset to Redbridge Recruitment.

Have you always specialised in recruiting?

No, I started my career in aviation. After graduation I continued in this career in Qatar for another 10 years. I was offered a position in their recruitment team.

Aviation had a lot of benefits for my personal and professional growth. I have achieved a lot of skills and experiences that can be easily utilised in a lot of different fields. If I have to mention some it would be the following: communication, people management, cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, customer service, leadership, project management, thinking outside the box, prioritising tasks and many more.

What are you hoping to achieve with Redbridge Recruitment?

Redbride offered me the opportunity to reconsider my career path. My goal will be to learn and grown more and be an integral part to the Redbridge future.

Redbridge takes a personal, partnership approach to recruitment. What does that mean to you?

I love the approach and strategy Redbridge has in developing their business. It’s a new and out of the box thinking that other recruitment companies don’t have. Making each and every interaction with a client or candidate personal, on long term and based on trust and respect, with perfectly applied customer service will be a solution for success.

What’s the one thing you wished all employers knew?

To pay more attention to the skills of a potential employee, rather than just the previous titles. Most of the time the title is not that relevant to the full potential of a person.

If you are interested in the roles Raluca is recruiting for, please send your CV to