A country of opportunity

With borders touching France, Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg already enjoys a diverse, cosmopolitan and international population. Although small, the country’s economic strength and impressive financial sector make it an attractive place to work. Secure employment, healthy salaries and generous time off all contribute to its appeal.

A thriving financial sector

Finance is one of the most important sectors in Luxembourg. It is home to valuable European financial institutions, major funds and over 140 banks, all of which look to hire talented professionals. And our Luxembourg office specialises in recruiting for these financial services firms.

Fantastic quality of life

Luxembourg is a beautiful country, and a great place to live and develop your career.

  • Well-paid job opportunities
  • 26 days of holiday minimum
  • Welcoming, safe and multicultural
  • Fantastic healthcare system
  • French, German and English spoken
  • Free public transport

Helping you to relocate

Moving to a new life in a new country can be daunting. We want you to settle in as easily as possible, so when you decide to live and work in Luxembourg, we champion your relocation. We will help you secure an exciting job within Luxembourg’s financial services sector. Our local team will also happily answer your questions about settling in to the country, so that your relocation is as smooth as possible.

Ready to work internationally?

Send us your CV to find out what career opportunities you can expect in Luxembourg. While we consider your CV, we’ll send you a 260-page guide that explains all the practicalities of setting up home there.

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